Artistraum needs your commitment!

22.10.2020, 06:25

For more than 6 years the Artistraum in Berlin exists now. It is a training room for circus and performing arts, which is mainly used for free training, in which workshops are also offered, as well as intensive rehearsals and productions. It is always busy and the room has become an integral part of the Berlin independent scene.

From the very beginning, the concept of the Artistraum was based on self-organization, low prices and as many people as possible taking on tasks and responsibility - also in line with the idea of the KuBiZ e.V. house project, in which the Artistraum is located.

There were times when it worked quite well, but our profession involves a lot of flexibility, a lot of traveling and makes continuous work in a project difficult, so that there were usually too few people for too many tasks.

We, the team of three people who started the project in 2014, have now reached a point where we no longer have the capacity to continue the project! After six years of volunteer work for Artistraum we need new people who are willing to take over the tasks of the organization.

In the long run we will not be able to organize the Artistraum anymore. We will continue like this until the end of 2021 at the latest, and then an important training room and meeting place in the (Berlin) artist scene would be missing.

So - the Artistraum needs your commitment!

We also believe that the project, the Artistraum, can be so much more if people are motivated to make something out of it!

So, if you are interested in getting involved on a continuous basis, if you have your own ideas or if you are already a team - get in touch with us!