31.10.2020, 11:46
Due to the new regulations for Covid-19 Prevention we are obliged to close the Artistraum for public training starting November 2nd until further notice.
22.10.2020, 06:25
20.10.2020, 07:45
26.08.2020, 09:19
23.06.2020, 18:01
The Artistraum will be rented out to a group for their internal rehearsal. See the timeframes here. No other training possible in these hours!
08.06.2020, 11:28
The Artistraum repones 8th of June. Due to the risk of Covid-19 we have to respect the following restrictions. Most important: No online date, no training!!!
17.03.2020, 05:08
The Artistraum will be closed until further notice. That means NO OPEN TRAININGS, NO COURSES and WORKSHOPS!
11.03.2020, 11:35
There will be a workshop in march, during wich no open training is going to be possible for only 3 hours during weekdays for two weeks. It is a Tightwire Workhsop with Ernesto Terri, taking place between 16th and 27th of March.
05.11.2019, 23:15
Belegung und Vollversammlung verschoben! occupancy and general assembly postponed!
04.10.2019, 22:58
Putztag Belegungen Vollversammlung cleaning day occupancies General Assembly